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The juxtaposition of joy and sorrow are inevitable as we journey through our lives on Earth. 

I have had my share of losing my bearings within dark nights of the Soul.

Decades ago when lost in such darkness a friend took me aside to say,

‘If you don’t like the view you see through the window you are looking out of, move to another window.”


As we move deeper and faster into the technological age it has become the norm to experience a growing sense of alienation from each other, from community, from the natural world and most importantly from oneself.  This leads to feelings of fragmentation.

In addition to one’s personal experience of traumatic events we are bombarded with trauma on a global scale via the media. Is it any wonder that there are pandemic levels of fear and anxiety within the human community?

My name is Dinah. I was born in Australia in 1949, the first child of refugees from Europe, named after a first cousin gassed at Auschwitz. After graduating with honors in Psychology and attaining post grad qualifications in Education I pursued studies in natural healing. I worked professionally for many years as a holistic psychologist and teacher combining the wisdom of natural therapies with my academic training in Western Psychology. My conscious spiritual journey began in 1981 after a meeting with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Numerous pilgrimages to India followed this wake up call. In 2002, taking a giant leap in faith, I sold my Australian home, closed my private practice and moved to India to follow a dream I had cherished for many years. During my lengthy stay in India I was privileged to sit with enlightened teachers and undertook many pilgrimages to sacred sites. 

I returned from my first visit to India in 1985 feeling as if my brain had been rewired.

The experience of living for a very extended period in a culture so different from the western culture in which I grew up has certainly been both transforming and empowering.17 years after venturing out on my big adventure I have returned to Australia creating a base in Redcliffe Queensland. And so another chapter in my life begins. I bring to my new life an integration of Western psychology and the ancient wisdom of the sacred land of Bharat. 




I have come to realize that:

The very survival of our planet depends on a global shift in consciousness from fear and powerlessness to an awareness of the power of our innate divinity.

Pain and pleasure are like the two sides of a coin. Pleasure and pain, loss and gain, fame and infamy are inextricably linked in the world. The experience of pain is inevitable. One can choose to respond or to react to pain be it physical or emotional.To react to pain is the behaviour of a victim.  

A victim feels unjustly treated and often remains stuck in past hurts unable to forgive the perceived perpetrator of the hurt. 


A victim feels powerless. This powerlessness usually expresses itself through anger and/or fear.

Many of us find it difficult to move beyond victim status. The sense of being a victim can become a habit. When this happens one has descended into a state of victimhood. 

The message of authentic spiritual masters throughout the ages is that we are sparks of divine energy, that we are powerful embodiments of love. One’s journey towards divinity consists in learning to treat pleasure and pain alike. 

The spiritual journey can be seen as the transition from victimhood to empowerment.


For the foreseeable future I shall move between my two earthly homes –India and Australia.

I may well be the person to facilitate positive change in your life. 

Let me guide you to the window, which offers you a view that makes your heart sing and helps you grow wings with which you can fly beyond the limitations of the mundane world.

I am available for individual sessions face to face or on line.

I also love to conduct workshops for small groups.


The 3 days with you and  the other  participants was totally sacred to me  and  I feel a  level  of  reverence towards the feminine that I never felt before. I have a sense and experience of the Goddess nurturing and care  and  love  that  I  never  experienced  before.  The  workshop  was pure alchemy.....or should I say it provided the ingredients for the alchemical process to start In my own life...I have a sense of much energy that was infused during the workshop. Without you it would  have  been  impossible. I  have  always know that we personally cannot  help  /assist anybody further on the road than we have come are ourselves...you have a wealth of  wisdom and energy and thank you for your very large heart  to  be  willing  to  share that abundance with us. Thank you Dinah Devi. I honour your great spirit! 

Much love 


Thank  you  so much  Dinah  for offering  us such  an amazing  workshop with your wealth of insight, experience and understanding. For me personally the workshop has been therapeutic on so many different levels. I encountered moments of fresh insight into my own psyche and felt the wonderful support  as  we  explored  and  shared the  universal  themes of  the Divine Feminine.

With thanks,


I must  admit  that I had no particular expectations to begin with for attending this workshop, other than the fact that I needed to work on my feminine energy.So, I was curious to attend.was I in for a big surprise!The free-flow format was perfect for this workshop You so killfully llowed each participant to feel comfortable and safe enough to  contribute  to  the  content  that  you covered.  This was great as it allowed us to learn from  each  other  and  become open to the experiences  and  issues  of  women  from  different backgrounds and cultures.What I thought was amazing was the bond that developed among the participants for each other....…bringing out the feminine  attributes of patience,  empathy,  understanding  and  most  of  all Love. How better to Honour the Feminine Energy.Well done Dinah!"



Thank you once again for your wonderful workshop! It was a great inspiration for both of us - for Dieter and me. It gave Dieter a good clue on how to deal with his search for "truth". And I had some very helpful ideas for one of my next seminars on conflicts. Above  all -the love  meditation  yesterday  was  relieving.  Afterwards  we  felt  much  better  afterwards (together). Thank you also for sharing so many personal experiences with us. We consider this to be a great gift.

Love and light, 

Dieter and Daniella

Dearest Dinah,

I want to express my immense gratitude that I could attend your workshop.I reflected a lot not only during the days of your classes but also later. The technique teaches self-inquiry in a soft way, so that one can recognize one's  own "edges" and  how one can  smoothen  them. Finally the "flute" becomes hollower as you nicely put it. I really  wish  many  people  got  a  chance to know about your gracious means of transformation.In a nutshell I can say, this experience with you was very, very precious and I shall remember it forever.

Much love,

Padma Latha


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